Geo-Strategic Security, European Relations, and the Rise of China

João Vale de Almeida, first EU Ambassador to the UK; former EU Ambassador to the UN, and former EU Ambassador to the U.S. with Michael Knapp, ABMC Historian.
April 27, 2023

0:20-0:56 Shoutout to Boeing
0:57-2:10 Critical moment in terms of international security
2:11-3:29 Europe-China relations
3:37-4:45 Europe-U.S. relations
4:46-6:28 Covid, Ukraine, global threats
6:30-7:07 Putin and Ukraine
7:09-9:35 Climate change; Inflation Reduction Act; supply chains; trade with China
09:58-11:09 Taiwan, China, Indo-Pacific relations
11:25-12:50 Rules-based liberal world order; multi-polar world; U.S. as superpower
13:03-15:16 China rising; international security; China and Russia; status quo in Taiwan
15:27-16:38 Russia is a real threat
16:39-17:07 Russian economy
17:07-17:28 Russia-China relations
18:19-22:14 Impact of Brexit
23:30-29:21 Divorce of nations; coalition of the willing; global South; populism; next generation e