Geo-political Considerations of the High North

Ambassadors Series Briefing with Kenneth John Braithwaite II, 77th Secretary of the Navy; former U.S ambassador to Norway with Michael Knapp, ABMC Historian.

00:28 3:12 Sec’y Jim Nicholson introduces Kenneth J. Braithwaite, naval aviator, USN Admiral, U.S. Ambassador, Secretary of the Navy

3:12  3:30 America’s allies

3:30  4:51 Strategic importance of Norway and the blue Arctic

4:52 – 5:35 China’s designs on the Arctic

5:35  6:38 Strategic value of Svalbard, Norway

6:38  7:42 China’s commercial fishing and the Northern Sea trade route

7:45 – 9:02 President Trump’s idea to buy Greenland

9:03  10:34 China’s response to Norway’s restrictions

10:35  10:56 China’s interest in the High North: rare earth minerals, oil, fishing stocks

10:57  11:56 The eight Arctic Nations; Seward’s Folly; Russia’s perspective

11:57  13:32 The Arctic Council; priorities of the individual member states

13:33  14:10 Armies win wars, but navies prevent wars

14:11  15:00 Responsibility of the United States as a beacon of democracy

15:03  17:21 U.S. Arctic policy for the U.S. Navy and national security

17:22  18:42 Russia’s focus and forces in the Arctic; plants flag under the North Pole

18:42  22:11 Russia’s culture drives its foreign policy

22:12  22:56 China’s foreign policy via economic coercion

22:57  24:25 Being pro-active with a contentious blue Arctic

24:25  27:02 Strong female leaders: P.M. Norway Erna Solberg, ADM Lisa Franchetti, Chief Naval Operations

27:03  29:40 Transformation of the U.S. Navy with Fleet Forces Command throughout the world

29:41  33:07 George Marshall on how to avoid WW III

33:08  34:03 China’s naval strength is a threat to freedom-loving people

34:04  34:44 ABMF Chairman Jim Rosener and Secretary Braithwaite on the responsibility of a nation to those who put themselves in harm’s way and give the ultimate sacrifice