Ukraine, Russia, and the U.S. – Where do we go from here?

William B. Taylor, (former) U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, diplomat in former Soviet Union, Afghanistan, Iraq and the Quartet in the Middle East; with Michael Knapp, ABMC Historian
December 13, 2022
Presented by FedEx

:45 A brief history of Ukraine
3:29 Ukraine’s application to NATO
5:15 Is the west at fault for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine?
6:44 America’s role in the Russia-Ukrainian war
9:30 Options for peace
12:29 Accountability for U.S. funds and corruption in Ukraine
16:40 Reconstruction in Ukraine: who pays?
18:44 Reforms required for Ukraine to join the EU
19:52 Russia has no right to Crimea
21:04 Does China support Russia? Not so much.
24:18 Putin struggles to justify the war to his soldiers
26:54 Xi probably surprised by the Coalition response
31:02 Predictions for after the war