Transatlantic Security – Strengthening Ties within NATO

John A. Heffern, (former) U.S. Ambassador to Armenia, Deputy Chief of Mission USNATO, Brussels; with Michael Knapp, ABMC Historian
October 12, 2022

:34 Three pillars in U.S. relations with transatlantic partners
1:26 The mission of the U.S. State Department
2:20 A rules-based international order
3:23 What makes NATO special?
4:33 Key principals: borders, force, partners
8:53 Phases of NATO: Cold War, 9/11; Back to Basics
10:06 U.S. deterrent strategy in Europe
13:08 Russian speakers outside of Russia
15:59 Fast-track applications to NATO
17:24 Will Ukraine join NATO?
19:15 Are NATO members upholding commitments?