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    Past Is Prologue Essay Contest 2024 application

    Essay due no later than midnight MDT April 12, 2024

    To submit your essay:

    • Fill-out this Application online. You will receive a confirmation with a unique Participant ID number.

    • Upload the essay using your unique Participant ID number. All essays must be received digitally through the Essay Contest portal.

    Certification of the Student

    Certification of the Adult Editor

    Parent/Guardian Permissions

    When your student’s essay is chosen as winning a prize, the parent/guardian will be required to sign an Irrevocable Consent, Assignment and Release*. Additionally, an IRS Form W9 will be required to be submitted to ABMF for the student to receive prize money.

    Because ABMF does not communicate directly with minors, the following permission allows ABMF to contact the parent/guardian regarding the several steps in the application, submission and notification process.

    Yes, American Battle Monuments Foundation may call and/or email me:

    • To acknowledge receipt of the essay.

    • To inform me/my child of the results. (Winners will be called and/or emailed; all participants will receive a notice informing them of the results.)

    • If my child submits a winning essay, to discuss how ABMF will announce the results, publicly identify the winners, and promote future contests.

    • To contact me regarding future contests and other ABMF activities.

    • ABMF may use my student’s first name, initial of the last name, and city/town for marketing purposes if they win.


    This form, with signature blocks, will be emailed to the parent/guardian of a child with a winning essay. It must be signed by both the student and parent/guardian and returned to ABMF before prize money may be awarded.

    I (as parent or guardian) and the child (identified below) each irrevocably consent to and authorize American Battle Monuments Foundation (“ABMF”), its officers, directors, employees, volunteers, and agents and any person or entity it so authorizes to use, reproduce and display all video testimonials (including photographs, video, audio, recordings and other images, and student writings related to ABMF (together, the “Materials”) taken of and/or produced by the child identified below, including identification of the child by name, for advertising, publicity purposes, and/or display, in all formats (including but not limited to any publications, multimedia display and the world wide web publication), without compensation or any other consideration to me or the child. All such Material and all rights therein, including but not limited to copyrights, are assigned to and shall constitute the property of ABMF, solely and completely. I and the child hereby release and forever discharge ABMF, its officers, directors, employees, volunteers, and agents for any and all claims arising out of or in connection with the use of the Material for any purpose related to ABMF.

    If the subject is a minor, a parent or guardian must give consent.